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Beale PD300 Touch-Sensitive 88 Note Digital Keyboard (Order Today)

Beale PD300 Touch-Sensitive 88 Note Digital Keyboard

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Product Code: KEY-031

Description Tech / Spec
The DP300 is a lightweight Digital Piano that features an 88 note weighted hammer action keyboard in a portable lightweight chassis that weighs in at only 12kg.

Perfect for the progressive student who needs a full length weighted keyboard for more advanced pieces with an expressive feel & dynamic sound.

20 essential sounds including Grand Pianos, Electric Pianos, Clav’s, Organs, Guitars, Strings & Bass.

60 Preset library songs have Lesson mode which allows you to turn off either the Left or Right hand part so you can practice along with the remaining part.

Lesson songs can also be put on auto repeat to allow you to practice a particular song in cycle mode without having to manually stop & start.

50 Piano Accompaniment Styles

Use left-hand chords to create real-time arrangements, triggering built-in interactive patterns in a variety of musical genres.

Which Develop you’re playing versatility & deliver a more complete performance.

With on board DSP effects, you can add ambiance and depth to your music in a variety of ways. There are 5 Reverbs, 5 Chorus effects & 5 EQ types.

Piano Pedal resonance: Reproduce the rich harmonics and unique sound characteristics of a grand piano when using a sustain pedal with the Pedal Resonance function.

The DP300 keyboard can be used in various modes Split, Layer, Dual & Transpose mode.

In Split mode you can perform with 2 different sounds for the Lower & Upper end of the keyboard, use choose the note range for each sound. You could have a Bass on the Lower Octaves & a Piano on the upper octaves for a duo style performance.

In Layer Mode you can have 2 different sounds across the entire keyboard. A favourite amongst keyboard players is Piano & Strings.

Twinova mode split’s the keyboard in half & mirrors the same octave range on both ends of the keyboard. This is perfect for teaching where the Teacher & student can play the same notes in the same octave in tandem to learn a piece of music.

Transpose allows you play a familiar song in a different key without having to change your hand positions on the keyboard.

Duet & Harmony Performance Enhancement functions:

The duet function will add dynamic elements to your performance by adding a duet patterns to your Chords to produce tasteful embellishments. There is 32 duet types built into this instrument.

The Harmony function will add a harmony effect to your performance. There are 3 types of Harmony effects available.

6 Scale Types are available in the DP300 to cater for various styles of composition.

MIDI Song Recorder

With the easy-to-use song recording features, you can record & save 5 of your own keyboard performances in the internal memory.

Modern Cabinet with Integrated Sound System

Housed in an attractive stage piano style cabinet the DP300 comes complete with a detachable music stand and built-in 4-speaker / 60 watt sound system. You're ready-to-go for either home or portable use.

Simple and Intuitive Controls

The sleek control panel and clear display provide quick access to all system functions.

Connections: The DP300 is equipped with USB & Traditional Midi output sockets. With USB Midi Connectivity you can connect directly to your Computer for interaction with the plethora of Music Software Programs. Traditional Midi enables you to connect to & control other Midi music devices. 3 independent midi controller functions can be setup & used at the same time.

Aux Out: Connect to an external amplifier or PA sound system.

2 Headphone sockets are available on the DP300

A standard pair of stereo headphones can be plugged in for private practice or late night playing.

A 2nd headphone socket is available for teacher & student practice mode.

Aux In: Connect a MP3 / CD or other audio source to the Aux in to play along with music.

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